Creating a Profitable Small Business

Creating a Profitable Small Business

This website is all about running a small business, becoming an entrepreneur and creating your Retirement Worth Having. Why? Because my son is launching a fish business and I'm proud of him for that. It really takes some guts to start out on a new venture. I know. I've been there. And so have many of you. Or, you are working up the courage, knowledge and resources to open your first business.

When I asked him what he'd like to know, he started telling me all about what he was doing with the fish, how his fish would be superior to many on the market, his water, his aquariums, etc.

Like so many new business owners I'm not worried about his knowledge of his chosen endeavor. Bakers know how to bake. Engineers know how to engineer. And aquatics people know how to... aquatic?

What I didn't ask clearly enough was "On the business side of things, what is you'd like to learn today?"

Profit and Loss statements aren't exciting. Generating new customers isn't generally exciting. Planning and managing your cash flow isn't generally exciting. There is so much to learn on the business side of things and so few resources that make the complicated simple, and keep the simple from becoming complicated.

So whether you are just getting started with your first rental house, opening a bicycle shop or are trying to create profit in a business that isn't thriving, I'm glad you're here. Go ahead and hit the subscribe button, there will be a lot of information coming your way.

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